Click & Vape Rewards: It's More Than Just Points, It's a Party!

Sign up for our Click & Vape Rewards Program and watch your points pile up faster than your smoke rings! Earn instant points just for joining, then rack up more with every purchase.

Exclusive discounts, early access to sales, and sweet, sweet prizes are just a puff away. Don't wait – exhale on your old shopping habits and inhale the rewards you deserve!

Click & Vape Reward Points Terms & Conditions

Earning Points:

    • To earn Click & Vape Reward Points, you must have an account.
    • Points are based on your website purchases from the date you join Click & Vape.
    • Track your Point balance by logging into your Click & Vape Account.

Point Value and Limitations:

    • Earn 10 Points for every £1 spent on qualifying Click & Vape products.
    • 10 Points are worth 5p to spend on online. Points cannot be exchanged for cash or transferred.
    • You cannot redeem 100% of an order using points; a maximum of 2,000 Points per order applies.

Point Expiry and Scheme Changes:

    • Unredeemed Points expire 12 months after the purchase date.
    • Click & Vape reserves the right to cancel, amend, or alter the scheme, including these terms or individual accounts.
    • We may withdraw Point promotions/offers without notice.

Redemption and Exclusions:

    • Points are automatically added to your account after order dispatch.
    • Point redemption is only available online at
    • During Point promotions, only Points earned during the period apply; existing Points are not multiplied.
    • Returned products deduct Points from your account. If a product bought with Points is faulty and returned, you'll receive the correct Point amount back. No cash refund will be given.

Point Usage:

  • Redeem Points on any Click & Vape website order, except those containing outlet products or specific promotional codes/campaigns.